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Experience an original cocktail made with Bacardí Superior,
fresh lime juice, mint leaves, sugar and a splash of club soda.
A brilliant thirst quenching cocktail awaits you.

Bacardí Mojito

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Renowned world wide for its perfect balance of Bacardí Superior,
fresh lime juice and sugar. This flavorful summer delight is a
perfect cocktail for the tropical heat of the Caribbean.

Bacardí Daiquiri

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Bacardí Piña Colada

This national Puerto Rico classic drink that travels the world
with Bacardí is also one of the most refreshing cocktails
ordered in bars all over the world.

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To celebrate the end of the Cuban War of Independence,
US soldier Captain Russell ordered a BACARDÍ Gold rum
and Coke® with lime. Curious onlookers asked its name.
The Captain proposed a toast, ‘Por Cuba Libre’,
"For A Free Cuba", and the original Cuba Libre was born.

Bacardí Original Cuba Libre

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Bacardí Cuba Libre

The perfect balance of subtle and delicate flavours means
10 years of dedication to craft the perfect rum for the perfect cocktail.

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Bacardí Ultimate Cuba Libre

The most selling drink of Bacardí in the world is "Cuba Libre",
Bacardi & Coca Cola with lime. To ultimate "Cuba Libre"
use rum Bacardi 8 años.

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Bacardí Maestro Collins

For this new twist to a classic drink, the Maestro Collins, we use
Gran Maestro rum from Bacardí that goes well with citrus juices.
Typically the drink is served in a tall glass or Collin glass.

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Bacardí 8

It is aged in Bacardí warehouse for more than 8 years for a
Bacardi premium blend rum to get smoother balance & deeper
richer notes of fruits. Best recommended on rock glass over ice.

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Bacardí Reserva Limitada

A crafted premium Bacardí blend rum aged in American
oak barrels in the Bacardi warehouse for 10 to 16 years.
Best recommended alone in a snifter glass.

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