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  • Georgina Chicken Salad

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    Chef Pimentel & Chef Martínez


The Story of Georgina

Excerpt from: “Bacardí and the Long Fight for Cuba”

Inevitably, Emilio Bacardí again became a target of Spanish suspicions. One day in May 1896, a unit headed personally by Santiago’s police chief showed up at Emilio and Elvira’s house to carry out a search for anything that might link them to the rebels. Emilio had just written a series of coded letters to Maceo, Pérez Carbó, Emilito, and other rebels, and he was waiting for a courier to pick them up. If they were discovered, it could mean a death sentence for Emilio and prison for the rest of his family. Alerted that the police were headed their way, Emilio and his family scrambled frantically to hide the letters. It was a trusted black servant named Georgina who calmly suggested an idea. “Don Emilio, give me the letters,” she said. “I’ll get them out of the house.”

Georgina, who had been with the Bacardí Family for more than thirty years, was holding Lalita, Emilio and Elvira’s baby girl, and Elvira suggested that she put the letters under Lalita’s hat when she went out. Emilio’s teenage daughter María, seeing there were too many to fit in one place, grabbed a few and tucked them down Georgina’s blouse. Just then, the police chief rapped on the front door.

Don Emilio Bacardi on Georgina’s Coffee

In his book: “Hacia Tierras Viejas” Don Emilio talks about his travels to the Old Continent, Africa and North America. He mentions he tried the coffee in Egypt, the coffee in Paris and in other European cities….… His final verdict: “Nothing compares to Georgina’s Coffee”.

Georgina’s photos can be seen in the Bacardi Puerto Rico Visitor Center, near Don Emilio’s desk replica.

Pulpo Escabeche w/Arepas de Coco
(Masa w/ Coco & Anis flavor served w/ Creole Pickling Octopus) 12

Shrimp Alcapurrias
(Plantain,Calabaza & Yautia Masa w/Shrimp served w/Local Pique Aioli) 14

Cubano Congri Croqueta w/”Short Ribs” Ropa Vieja
(Rice w/Black Beans Guiso & Sofrito Ham flavored served w/Ropa Vieja & Sweet Plantain Aioli) 12

Calamares Pork Chicharron
(Fried Calamari Rings w/Chicharron Dust served w/Black Bacardi Aioli Sauce) 11

Pork Belly Toston Montadito
(Pork Belly in Guavacardi Glaze, Avocado & Chicharron served w/Pique) 14

Pulpo & Chorizo Empanada
(Latina Masa Stuffed w/Cuban Pollo Guisao served w/Tomate-Avocado Salsa) 11

Fish & Chips
(Fried Mako Shark served w/Plantain Chips & Lemon-Recao Mayo) 12

Jalapeño, Tomate, Onion and Cilantro served with Chicharron & Plantain Chips) 16

Yuca Chori-Bravas
(Yuca Fries w/Cilantro, Sriracha-Chorizo Aioli & Paprika Ahumada) 12

Crabalataquito w/Latino Tuna Tar
(Crab Taco stuffed w/Tuna Marinated in Escabeche served w/Tamarind Pique) 16

Pollo Frito w/Carribean Jerk & Mango BBQ
(Georgina Chicken Wings tossed in a Mango Bacardi) 11

Bacon Pork Carne Frit
(Cerdo Confitado wrapped in Bacon served w/Lime & Papaya Spicy Ketchup) 12

Georgina Chicken Salad
(Mix Lettuce, Chayotte, Queso Fresco, Black Beans, Sweet Plantain served w/Tamarind Vinagretta) 12

Ahi Tuna Salad
(Arugula,Romana,Avocado,Red Onion,Sweet Peppers served w/Parcha Dressing) 22

El Havana
(Roasted Pork & Ham served w/Mustard-Cabbage, House Sauce & Fries) 14

G Bacardi Wagyu Burger
(Grilled Burger, Queso de Papa, Lettuce, Tomate & Onion Served w/Bacardi BBQ Sauce) 18

Pollo Flat-Brea
(House Pesto, Grill Chicken Breast, Pepper, Arugula & Cheese) 12

El Flat-Bread Salmon
(Honey Mustard , Queso, Red Onion, Tomate & Cilantro) 14

El Pescao Frito
(Breaded Fish & Fried Served w/Arugula, Cilantro, Tomate, Bacardi Ponzu & Spicy Mayo served with French Fries) 16

La Veggie Flat-Bread
(Cilantro Pesto Salsa, Sweet Plantain, Avocado, Tomate, Roasted Peppers, Arugula & Goat Cheese) 14

Pork Belly Mofongo w/Caldo Resaca
Choice of (Pollo Criollo $18 | Fish al Ajillo $22) 20

El Churrasco Encebollao
(Grilled Skirt Steak w/Mamposteao served w/Encebollao Sauce & Crispy Onion) 24

(Seared Salmon stuffed w/Sweet Plantain & Goat Cheese Wrap in Bacon served w/ Local Tomate, Malanga Mash, Piña Relish & Black Garlic Mojo) 26

Pollo Empanada
(Panfry Seared Chicken Schnitzel w/Tostones served w/Rice & Beans) 21

Big Pork Chop
(Local Cut Chuleta Kan–Kan served w/Batata al Escabeche & Bacardi Sauce) M/P

“Paella” Fried Rice
(Shrimp & Salmorejo Caldoso Rice served w/Avocado & Pork Feet Crackling) 22

Whole Fish
(Whole Fresh Boneless Fried Fish w/Mojo & Rice, Beans & Tostones) M/P

Cake + Guava + Piña
(Guava Cheese Cake w/Piña Sauce & Choco Ice Cream) 10

Coco + Lime + Mango
(Coco-Lime-Mango Mousse w/Piña in Bacardi Coco & Choco-Cake Crumble) 11

Choco Cafe + Flan
(Choco Custard w/Guineo, Candied Macadamia served w/Dulce de Leche Ice Cream) 10

Bread Pudding + Brulee
(Bread-Brownie Pudding w/Bacardi Dulce de Leche Sauce & Vainilla Ice Cream) 11

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